The right security system for your family will be uniquely configured to take into account your specific needs and lifestyle. That’s one of the top aspects of today’s home alarm systems – they can be customized to give you the features that make sense for your household.

You will be able to choose the right home alarm system for your family when you consider these factors:

Whether you rent, own or plan to build

Home alarm systems are available in wired and wireless options. If you’re renting your home or apartment, a wireless security system makes the most sense. No invasive wiring is required, and this limits the expense and means you won’t make any physical alterations to the dwelling – alterations the property owner might not approve of.
If you own your home but plan to move in a few years, a wireless alarm system is a good choice for you too. When you move, the system can be taken down in less than an hour, and it goes with you to your new home.
On the other hand, if you love your home and are sure you’ll be there for many years, a wired home security system can be an excellent choice. They offer the best reliability. If power outages concern you, install a battery back-up, so the system will continue to protect you if you lose power.
A wired alarm system also makes sense when you’re building a new home. Installation is much easier and more affordable during construction when drywall, flooring and finished ceilings are not in place.

The need for video

If you leave your children with babysitters, having a home security system for your family that includes live video feed to your phone or computer enhances your kids’ security and gives you peace of mind. In fact, parents of kids any age like to see what’s going on when they’re not home!
Video cameras are easily included in wired and wireless home security systems. The cost of cameras has come down while their resolution has improved tremendously. You might also want video if an elderly family member lives with you or you have pets that sometimes get rambunctious while you’re away. Video intercom can be installed too for two-way conversations with those at home or the person at the front door.

The convenience and security of home automation

Smart home technology offers many benefits, and most home security systems can be effectively integrated into home automation. A complete home automation system allows you to:

  • Arm or disarm the system
  • Lock or unlock doors
  • Monitor for access, temperature, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, water leaks and more
  • Control lighting, the thermostat, home theater, appliances, curtains or blinds, etc.
  • Receive text alerts when the system is armed or disarmed or when an alarm is triggered

All of these things and more can be controlled remotely using your smart device and an app provided by the system manufacturer. The potential is unlimited. Unlock the door for a child coming home from school or a repair technician. Turn on outside lighting when you’re arriving home after dark. Keep an eye on your home while away on vacation. Set up a “mockupancy” scene with lighting, blinds and the television to make it appear that people are home. Start the oven, with a casserole inside, so the food is piping hot and ready to serve when you get home just minutes before guests arrive. Reduce energy use and cost by controlling the thermostat.

How important monitoring is to you

Non-monitored systems give off a loud alarm when triggered, but they aren’t connected to a monitoring service or emergency personnel. If neighbors are close and look out for each other where you live, then a non-monitored system might be enough. They are quite affordable, and there is no monthly monitoring fee.
If you want the best security and the peace of mind it affords, then a monitored system is a better choice. For fees starting at about $15 per month, your system will be monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. When something isn’t right, the monitoring service will be contacted. You’ll be contacted next, and if you don’t answer or if you verify that something is wrong, the police or fire department will be contacted. The sequence of contacting can be customized to fit your preferences.
The right home security system for your family maximizes your security, comfort and convenience by integrating the features that produce a customized fit.