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When choosing a home security solution, there are a lot of questions. Security System Guides provides analysis of the various types of systems available as well as the companies that offer them. The guides found on this site can help you navigate through the options and help you to make a decision that is right for you.

Home Security systems are most often initially categorized as wired or wireless. There are advantages and disadvantages to both but as a general rule, wired systems tend to be more reliable and more secure as they are less prone to electronic interference and hacking attempts. Wireless systems are easier and often less costly to install.

We have outlined a few points to consider when looking at a security system for your home. Feel free to read through them and browse our in-depth guides and reviews as well. 

Remote Access and Control

In today’s “Internet of Things” world where appliances, HVAC and even your garbage bins can communicate with each other and with you via your home network, it is no wonder that remote monitoring and control for home security has become a necessity. All forms of security for your home can now be remotely controlled through virtually any internet accessible device! This connectivity offers a wonderful increase in usability, convenience and functionality but also requires an added layer of common sense to prevent unauthorized access attempts.


Initial Equipment Costs

Some home security companies will offer you the ability to purchase your monitoring equipment upfront and own it, instead of renting it. If you choose to purchase your own equipment it gives you flexibility in manufacturers and features, and in addition, you will likely pay less each month for monitoring. Most residents choose to rent the equipment and pay higher monitoring fees for the rental of the security system.

Installation Costs

Installation costs vary greatly based on the type of equipment, the size of the home and other factors. If the system is wired vs wireless, expect the costs of an installation expert to roughly double. Again some companies may offer to offset the costs or waive them completely to get you signed up, but be sure to read the fine print to make sure you understand any potential incremental charges the company adds to your monthly bill or a cancellation fee that you may be liable for.

Contract Length

Contract lengths on average are 36 months. This varies if you are purchasing / installing your own equipment or contracting with a third party to have the installation done.

Monthly Cost

The monthly cost to monitor your home can run from $15 to $100+ per month depending on many of the factors mentioned above. Before you make any decision to sign up with a monitoring company make sure to get several quotes, paying special attention to contract length and termination clauses.

In the coming months look HomeSecurityGuides.com to provide consumers with unbiased pricing guides for each type of home/business monitoring and security. Your family’s safety and/or company assets need to be kept safe, we can help to demystify the process and make

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