Free Home Security System EstimatesThis home security system comparison chart is designed to help you choose the one with the equipment, features and price that is right for you. We’ve done the research to take the hassle out of comparing and selecting your next home security company.

Most home security companies offer a variety of system packaged to meet your budget and needs in good – better – best fashion. We’ve grouped them into:

  • Value systems: $15-$30 per month
  • Mid-level systems: $30-$45 per month
  • Premium systems: $45-60 per month

Value Priced Home Security Systems

The best rates are found in this tier, but the systems are often quite basic. They typically include a control panel, one motion detector to be placed in a high-traffic area and two to four door/window sensors. Some have remote keychains as part of the package or as an add-on at additional one-time cost. A few offer mobile apps for controlling the system remotely with a smart device. Let’s compare home security companies in the value range.

Company LiveWatch Protect America SimpliSafe AlarmForce LifeShield Link Interactive
Phone (855) 587.3814 (888) 255.7812 (888) 957.4675 (800) 267-2001 (866) 311.1331 (877) 778.8423
Package Name Cellular Copper Interactive AlarmPlus Security Basics Basic
Activation $19.95 None None None None None
Monthly Monitoring $19.95 $19.99 $24.99 $25 $29.99 $29.99
Equipment Cost $99 Free Use $259.95 Free Use Free Use $99.99
Control Panel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motion Detector 1 1 1 1 None 1
Door-Window Sensors 2 2 4 2 2 3
Mobile App No No Yes No Yes Yes
Keychain Remote 1 $24.95 ea 1 None None None
Connection Cellular Landline Cellular Landline Broadband w/ phone backup Landline

Mid-Level Home Security Systems

These moderately priced home alarm systems typically include more equipment than value-priced security systems. Most also have what is known in the industry as “crash & smash” technology. This means that if a door or window is opened, a signal is sent to the monitoring service as usual. If an intruder then tries to disable the alarm in any way, the monitoring service will notify authorities. Systems without crash and smash protection can sometimes be quickly disabled by experienced thieves, and this fools the monitoring service into thinking the system has simply been disarmed by a member of the household using the proper code.

Company LiveWatch Protect America AlarmForce LifeShield Link Interactive Frontpoint
Phone (855) 587.3814 (888) 255-7812 (800) 267.2001 (866) 311-1331 (877) 778.8423 (888) 268-6273
Package Name Mobile Pro Bronze AlarmPlus Security Essentials Premium Protection
Activation $19.95 $35.99 None $99.00 None None
Monthly Monitoring $29.95 Free Use $29.95 $39.99 $34.99 $34.99
Equipment Cost $99 Free Use Free Use $399.99 $99.00
Control Panel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motion Detector 1 1 (Extras $125ea) 1 1 (Extras $58ea) 2 1
Door-Window Sensors 2 6 2 4 (Extras $28ea) 5 1 (Extras $32.99ea)
Mobile App Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Extras 1 Crash/Smash None Extra Cost 2-way voice None Crash/smash Crash/smash $29.99ea
Glass-break Sensor None $99.99ea None 1 1 $74.99ea
Smoke Detector None $99.99ea plus $2 per month Extra Cost fire safety sensor $108ea None $64.99ea
Connection Cellular Landline Landline Broadband w/ phone backup Cellular Cellular

Premium Home Security Systems

These top of the line home alarm systems use a secure cellular or broadband connection which means even if a burglar cuts the landline phone line, your security system will continue to protect your home. Home automation features are included to take these home security systems to the next level.

Company Vivint Frontpoint Protect America ADT LifeShield
Phone (855) 300.1751 (888) 268.6273 (888) 255.7812 (855) 305-9283 (866)311.1331
Package Name Smart Protect Ultimate Silver Pulse Security Advantage
Activation $198.00 None None Extra (Varies) $99.00
Monthly Monitoring $53.99 $49.99 $49.99 $49.99 $49.99
Equipment Cost Free Use $199.00 Free Use Options Free Use
Control Panel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motion Detector 1 1 (Extras $64.99) 1 (Extras $125ea) 1 1 (Extras $57.99ea)
Door-Window Sensors 3 2 (Extras $32.99) 6 6 6 (Extras $27.99ea)
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keychain Remote 1 1 (Extras $29.99) 1 $49.50ea 1 1
Light Control None 2 (Extras $32.99) None Extra (Varies) None
Extras None Crash/Smash None Severe weather alerts Security Touchpad
Thermostat No $74.99ea $99.99ea Extra (Varies) None
Glass Break Sensor No $64.99ea $99.99ea Extra (Varies) $105.99ea
Automated Door Lock 1 None None Extra (Varies) $107.99ea
Wireless Indoor Camera No $129.99ea None Extra (Varies) None
Wireless Pan-Tilt Indoor Camera None None $179ea plus $10/month No None
Wireless Outdoor Camera None None $400ea No None
Connection Cellular Cellular Cellular Cellular Broadband w/ phone backup

When choosing a home security company, it makes sense to pick out a few you believe have what you want and interview them personally. They’ll come to your home, explain what they offer and provide a written estimate. When you have several in hand, you can compare them head to head with all the information available.